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Is your spend management compliant? PwC explains all

Thursday 24th May, 2018 at 10:30 AM - 11:15 AM GMT


Iron Mountain and SAP join forces to help SMEs protect custom-built software

Wednesday 3rd October, 2012

Iron Mountain and SAP have announced a strategic partnership to help companies protect their custom-built software. Under the new partnership, SAP Business One Group will refer its software solution partners to Iron Mountain for software escrow services for the add-on solutions they create for end-users.

Tradeshift helps OFS Portal with e-invoicing

Wednesday 3rd October, 2012

Tradeshift has entered an agreement with OFS Portal, an US-based organisation of upstream oil and gas suppliers and service providers to help streamline their e-invoicing. Under the agreement, OFS Portal members are set to adopt Tradeshift as a platform for exchanging data and transactions with their customers.

SAP completes aquisition of Ariba

Tuesday 2nd October, 2012

SAP has announced that it has completed its acquisition of Ariba. Through the acquisition, SAP will deliver an industry-leading end-to-end procurement solution with an aim to become the leader in the fast-growing segment of inter-enterprise cloud-based business networks. SAP plans to expand its reach by tapping into the existing Ariba network regardless of organisation size or industry, and no matter whether on premise or on demand. SAP also plans to provide open access to the business network, extending the benefits of business collaboration to any company, on any system, from any provider.

Being in the cloud doesn't change responsibility levels

Friday 28th September, 2012

For a variety of reasons, more and more businesses are looking to use cloud computing, but data protection regulator ICO is concerned that many businesses do not realise they remain responsible for how the data is looked after, even after passing it to the cloud network provider.

When is a bank not a bank..?

Friday 28th September, 2012

Where bankers are failing, others are moving in. M&S have announced the launch of a new current account and promise 12 in-store branches by the end of the year - including Oxford and Norwich. M&S are pitching themselves as a credible alternative for UK banking services leveraging the trust in its brand to muscle in on a sector beset with scandal, an inexplicable bonus structure and an overall lack of trust.

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