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Talking about a revolution…or is it evolution?

Thursday 28th April, 2016

What better venue to discuss the difference between revolution and evolution than in the towering Aqua Shard with its bird's eye view over The City? Joining a group of industry commentators, I went along to a discussion there earlier this month, led by C2FO and Tradeshift. The panel were taking a look at the impact of fintech on working capital, pondering the question of whether we are in the throes of a revolution or simply following an evolutionary journey. It's tempting to view the rapid explosion of fintech as something set to blast the cobwebs off the banks and revolutionise the world of finance. But everything starts from somewhere, so for all the noise, maybe it’s really a case of business as usual, just better.

e-Invoicing leader shocks customers with fake invoices

Friday 1st April, 2016

Leading P2P automation and e-invoicing specialist, Basware, has astounded customers by sending out fake invoices. But it’s not a scam or an April Fool’s hoax – the company is using a hard-hitting campaign to raise awareness of fraud and error in P2P.

eWorld's location, location, location and building your personal Big Data

Friday 4th March, 2016

What is it about eWorld? For the fourth time running, I emerged out of Westminster tube into the throng and out under the copiously precipitating skies. And yes again – no umbrella… But as the rain steadily turned to sleet, I was grateful that the OEII Exhibition centre was only a few minutes’ walk away.  And as I shivered my way up to the exhibition space on the 5th floor, I was even more grateful for the free bacon sarnie laid on by Capita.

The CFO is the COO - or is the COO the CFO?

Established back in 1999, SSON was one of the first to recognise the rise of shared services and the need of those working in them to have a support network. As a global operation, they have a presence in most of the key markets – Asia, Eastern Europe, Australia etc, and can lay claim to over 110,000 members.

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