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All blog pieces written by Ellen Leith unless otherwise stated

The robots are here - time to hold hands

24th October, 2016

L S Lowry was someone who was fascinated by his surroundings, by machinery and industry and the connections between them and the people who lived and worked there. He would have loved Manchester’s new Media City – temple to today’s economic giant of communication, and the setting for this year's Shared Services Forum’s annual “Future Vision” conference.  The event was held in the place where Media City sprang from – The Lowry Arts Centre – a spiraling splash of colour and steel. All along the banks of the docks, and with a nod to the industry of the past, glistening steel structures have sprung up – home to ITV, The BBC, the Corrie studios and many others. But it did make me wonder what was there before. And what an enormous transformation those living nearby must have witnessed in just a few short years.

The future of P2P – is the worm about to turn?

Wednesday 12th October, 2016

PPN were invited along to Canon’s Future of P2P event at The Shard last week, and the level of enthusiasm and energy in the room was impressive. Perhaps that came from the building itself – 95 stories of towering glass, and the 105th tallest in the world.

You want to innovate? So don’t ask - do

Thursday 29th September, 2016

The newly refurbished QEII exhibition centre in Westminster threw its doors open once more to the 31st eWorld Procurement & Supply event on Tuesday. And as I walked, thankfully for once without the need of a brolly (it always rains at eWorld), I reflected on that as quite an achievement.

How P2P analytics can help you stop fraudsters getting rich at your expense

23rd September, 2016

Is your business inadvertently handing over the keys to its safe to unscrupulous employees or even total strangers? The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) estimates that 5 per cent of all revenue is lost to occupational fraud every year, while research by the Purchase to Pay Network reports that 44 per cent of organisations have experienced some level of fraud in the last three years.

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