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How P2P analytics can help you stop fraudsters getting rich at your expense

23rd September, 2016

Is your business inadvertently handing over the keys to its safe to unscrupulous employees or even total strangers? The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) estimates that 5 per cent of all revenue is lost to occupational fraud every year, while research by the Purchase to Pay Network reports that 44 per cent of organisations have experienced some level of fraud in the last three years.

Are we nearly there yet…?

1st August, 2016

Over the last few years those working in accounts payable have been on a journey. What was once considered a back office, purely transactional function has evolved into something infinitely more strategic. A career in accounts payable now represents an end goal, rather than a stepping stone on the way to somewhere else. Or at least, that's what we keep hearing.

Brexit, late payments and the importance of doing nothing

6th July, 2016

Sometimes when you’re running events, you can be hit by circumstances – weather, tube strike, all your speakers catching the flu - but events of globally significant importance are thankfully quite rare…

But that’s just what happened for Taulia’s first European “Connect” event which took place under the shadow of Brexit in the Amba Hotel, Charring Cross last week. Would the attendees and speakers suddenly have more pressing issues on their minds? Thankfully for Taulia – that wasn’t the case.

Talking about a revolution…or is it evolution?

Thursday 28th April, 2016

What better venue to discuss the difference between revolution and evolution than in the towering Aqua Shard with its bird's eye view over The City? Joining a group of industry commentators, I went along to a discussion there earlier this month, led by C2FO and Tradeshift. The panel were taking a look at the impact of fintech on working capital, pondering the question of whether we are in the throes of a revolution or simply following an evolutionary journey. It's tempting to view the rapid explosion of fintech as something set to blast the cobwebs off the banks and revolutionise the world of finance. But everything starts from somewhere, so for all the noise, maybe it’s really a case of business as usual, just better.

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