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Face to Face

Face to Face with Rob Bernshteyn – CEO Coupa Software

Q. There’s a significant amount of “noise” about Coupa at the moment. Why do you think that is?rob bernshtyn2

A. I think there’s been a sea change in how the whole P2P process can be run, a re-thinking of how it can be supported through IT. The way that the tools can now be adapted to optimise spend via the cloud has not really been seen before. And I think the reason why there’s the “buzz” around Coupa is that quite simply, we do it better. Ultimately it’s the customer who decides an organisation’s success or otherwise, and if you can provide them with a means to do things better and more easily, then those customers are going to keep coming back.

Q. My audience is predominantly Accounts Payable, but increasingly what was once considered a separate function, is now a part of an integrated P2P department, with much more collaboration. Do you see yourselves moving away from being a predominantly e-Procurement solution provider, to encompass AP and move further into the P2P space?

A. Well, we do cover the space as a whole. We may not be the vendor of choice for an organisation which needs thousands of different AP functions, but if you optimise spend and drill down into your purchasing and supplier base to begin with, you’re already more than halfway to a cleaner AP solution. AP may be downstream, but if you clear what’s coming into it, the waters as a whole are all that little bit less muddy. Ultimately providing a solution which increases visibility and enriched data is key to whole P2P function.

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