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Exchange Summit 2018

8th-9th October 2018, Berlin

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E-Invoicing / E-Billing: Accelerator for Digitisation

Be part of the next Exchange Summit, the leading event dedicated to E-Invoicing and bringing together experienced practitioners and innovative strategists to provide an in-depth learning and networking experience. Get proven best practices and tested solutions to the toughest challenges in E-Invoicing today.

Summary Highlights at the Exchange Summit 2018:

• Identify Global E-Invoicing Trends: Road Mapping, Market Analysis and Best Practices
• How multinationals successfully handle VAT compliance, standards and formats
• Why regulatory requirements will catapult the market into new dimensions
• E-Trade Facilitation: linking the physical and financial supply chain
• Current status of EU-Directive 2014/55 and 2014/24 and how this is put into practice
• Impact of Blockchain and other trending new technologies on supply chain automation
• Clearance models for E-Invoicing and E-Reporting
• Understand the challenges and benefits of effective supplier onboarding
• How to drive the digital transformation of Purchase-to-Pay.

Download the agenda and find out more here.

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