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2018 Webinar Series

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Discover the role of dynamic discounting in your Purchase to Pay

Thursday 22nd November, 2018 10:30 AM - 11:15 AM GMT

Join us to find out how incorporating a Dynamic Discounting programme can help pay for your P2P and eInvoicing initiatives, whilst offering benefits for your suppliers. Discover how payment terms can be established between a buyer and supplier to facilitate better supplier payment for goods or services in return for a reduced price or discount. Through the use of dynamic discounting methods, buying organisations can increase the number and size of early payment discounts they receive and suppliers can get paid sooner at a lower cost of capital than alternative options.

dynamic discounting webinar eWe’ll be covering:

• What is Dynamic Discounting and how does it work?
• How it differs to Supply Chain Finance
• What are the benefits for the Buyer and the Supplier?
• What do you need to take into consideration when planning the programme?
• How it can effectively pay for your eInvoicing programme
• How the solution protects working capital

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