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2017 Webinar Series

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Are you up to date with the next generation of AP controls?

Wednesday 6th December, 2017 10:30 AM - 11:15 AM GMT

webinar ad 6 dec final 2How can you be sure your Accounts Payable ledgers are accurate in an increasingly automated world?
Most organisations have implemented invoice automation to some degree and have many controls in place to reduce the risk of errors. On this webinar, you will learn about the next generation of controls being implemented by leading Accounts Payable departments. 

We will be analysing live reporting data from customer systems to quantify answers to the following questions and explain how to implement the same controls to ensure you can truly answer those questions in your own organisation.

•    Have all invoices and credits been received from suppliers?
•    Are there any potential miss-postings that need to be investigated? 
•    Are there any errors that could cost me money?
•    Is there any risk of duplicates?

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