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How linguistic software helps companies catch crooks

Thursday 8 March, 2012

In the film “Superman 3”, a lowly computer programmer embezzles a fat wad of money from his employer. The boss laments that it will be hard to catch the thief, because “he won’t do a thing to call attention to himself. Unless, of course, he is a complete and utter moron.” Just then the thief screeches into the car park in a brand new red sports car, radio blaring. Read more...

Bulmers Ltd. achieves AP Automation with SoftCo R8

Tuesday 6 March, 2012

SoftCo, has been selected by Bulmers Limited to deliver an Accounts Payable automation solution to handle its increasing number of global supplier invoices. Bulmers Limited based in Ireland is part of the global C&C Group, producing well known ciders and lager brands. SoftCo was selected by Bulmers after close engagement that involved working closely with key Bulmers stakeholders.

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