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Choice and Flexibility - OB10 Offers Both

Thursday 23 August, 2012

For Australian building products company CSR it's all about choice.  Their focus on innovation and customer service has driven them to the doors of OB10 as the vendor of choice for e-invoicing. Chosen to deliver continuous improvements to customers and business partners, OB10 closes and strengthens the loop throughout the supply chain.

Don't Compete - Collaborate - New Research

 Wednesday 22 August, 2012

A new report entitled "Collaborate to Win", produced by CFO Research in collaboration with Ariba, takes a fresh look into the current zeitgeist for interactive, networked business - in other words - a corporate world which mirrors the consumer experience. In today’s global business environment, smart companies are learning to collaborate more efficiently - connecting and interacting with ever-expanding communities of customers, suppliers and peers. The new methodology coincides with the rise of new technology  such as cloud computing, mobility and social networks, and to a certain extent cultural acceptance of transparency and the desire for "real time" communications and information.

Invoice benchmark proves too high for Local Authorities

Research into local government authority accounts processing by ReadSoft has found that the vast majority are unable to meet the accepted average invoice processing times. In fact only 6% were able to do so.

Councils save millions by sharing services

Wednesday 22 August, 2012

A major new report into local authorities sharing services has quantified the benefits and feasibility of joining forces to save money.

The 'Services shared: Costs spared?' report commissioned by the LGA and produced by Drummond MacFarlane, provides detailed analysis of five high-profile shared service arrangements. It is the first to provide a detailed insight into the scale of savings that have been achieved through sharing back office functions like IT and legal, and teaming up to deliver frontline services like waste disposal and road maintenance.

Transportation services provider extends Kofax solution

Tuesday 21st August, 2012

Provider of capture-driven process automation services Kofax has been selected by a transportation services provider to extend its existing Kofax solution to include invoice and accounts payable (AP) automation.