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Joined up shared managed service for four public authorities


Melton council joins up in partnership with Leicestershire county council, NHS trust and probation service to deliver a shared managed print service, the NHS trust recently joined the service, and Leicestershire Probation is scheduled to join it soon.
Melton negotiated the procuring deal with Konica Minolta , and it is planned to run for five years.  One of the benefits of the service is that authenticated users can be moved from each organisations' networks to a central server, where the user domain is identified and the jobs are held pending release. Read more...

New EU VAT Invoice Directive

Thursday 24 November, 2011

By 1st January 2013, EU Member States will need to adopt a new Directive on VAT invoices with the aim of stardardising disclosure requirements and promoting the use of electronic invoices. At the moment organisations are faced with a range of choices for their invoicing accross the Continent and elsewhere, and the rules governing the requirements are inconsistent. The new Directive will force all member states to conform to the same obligations. The aim is to ensure a faster adoption of e-invoicing with a clear focus on the audit trail rather than concentrating on previous requirements for electronic authenticity.


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e-Invoicing to play a key role at the John Lewis Partnership

Thursday, 3 November, 2011

Leading retailer joins the OB10 e-Invoicing network


OB10, the e-Invoicing network, has been selected by the John Lewis Partnership, a leading UK retailer, to drive efficiencies and streamline its processes with suppliers to support the continuing growth of its business.

Two councils working together to shape shared services in local government

Wednesday 23 November, 2011

Just over a year on after the launch of Local Government Shared Services (LGSS) in two local authorities, Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire, this LGSS initiative is now an 83m business providing a number of operations for each council focussing on services for customers.

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