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European Commission announces eInvoicing standard

Wednesday 22nd March, 2017

The European Commission has announced that a decision has been taken on the European eInvoicing standard (EN), pursuant to Directive 2014/55/EU on eInvoicing in public procurement.

The Commission mandated the European Committee for Standardisation (CEN) to define the eInvoicing European standard. CEN has announced the results concerning the invoice core model and syntaxes:

  • The EN 16931-1 (invoice core model) approved with 25 positive votes, no negative votes (100%);
  • The CEN/TS 16931-2 (list of syntaxes) approved with 24 positive votes, no negative votes (100%)

In light of a successful vote, the committee is on track to publish the final standard in the coming months. The European Commission believes that once this has been achieved, the real work of supporting eInvoicing, respecting the European standard, can begin.  

The Commission has also recently launched an eInvoicing Readiness Checker, a tool designed for Public Entities to assess their compliance with the Directive 2014/55/EU electronic invoicing in public procurement.  

However, limitations to standardisation are likely to remain. Currently it is envisaged that national extensions of the EN16931 European Electronic Invoice Standard will not be legally binding.

Still under approval:

  • CEN/TS 16931-3 Syntax bindings
  • CEN/TS 16931-4 Guidelines at transmission level
  • CEN/TS 16931-5 Extension methodology
  • CEN/TS 16931-6 Test methodology and test results


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