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Tradeshift launches new AI layer on Platform

Monday 27th March, 2017

Tradeshift has announced the release of Tradeshift Ada, a smart interface for B2B commerce that offers new automation capabilities to help users accelerate how they buy, pay and collaborate.

Last year Tradeshift launched a virtual assistant for payments, now Tradeshift Ada goes a step further by enabling procurement to provide an AI experience for any user, any time, with any question. This is the first time AI technology will be extended into the entire platform ecosystem, with third-party app developers participating in making Tradeshift Ada among the most robust intelligence layers in the market.

Tradeshift Ada works by learning about users and companies, allowing procurement teams and others in the B2B commerce process to automate many of their tasks. It will understand buying preferences, activate apps, and provide information on catalog items for users. It will also provide insights into spend, pre-populate purchase requests, and link any approval workflow in Slack, a leading ‘collaboration tool.

“Rapid innovation is at the heart of everything we do at Tradeshift,” says Thijs Stalenhoef, SVP of Enterprise Products. “First an idea hatched at one of our hackathons, Tradeshift Ada is a next-generation technology using capabilities such as machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP). It’s the foundational layer for bringing AI into our platform everywhere. Currently, Tradeshift Ada integrates with Tradeshift Go, Tradeshift Buy, Business Analytics, and externally to Slack. This enables users to gain insight, complete tasks more easily and save more money every day.”

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