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The Hackett Group & Symphony Ventures announce partnership

Thursday April 20th, 2017

The Hackett Group and Symphony Ventures have announced a global partnership that will enable enterprise digital transformation by integrating The Hackett Group's best practices and research data with Symphony's strategic and technical capabilities in robotics and intelligent automation.

The partnership is expected to offer clients the ability to further improve the ROI of their Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Intelligent Automation and other digital transformation efforts in finance, HR, procurement, and other business services areas.

The Hackett Group has also announced that it will launch a series of new "Digital World-Class" standards and metrics for various business services functions. The standards will detail the supplementary improvements to efficiency and effectiveness possible for companies that combine world-class performance with RPA and other digital transformation approaches.

According to The Hackett Group Chairman & CEO Ted A. Fernandez. "Robotic Process Automation has rapidly moved to the top of the business services agenda. It offers unprecedented potential, and it's tempting for companies to focus on a narrow scope and immediate savings. But RPA drives much greater value when it is used to support broader transformation of end-to-end transactional processes. Organisations must be prepared to redesign processes and transform their legacy workforce at the same time they introduce new automation tools."

"To truly optimise RPA, companies need to carefully consider their automation objectives," said Mr. Fernandez. "A key part of this is using benchmarks to 'size the prize' and understand how their current processes compare to peer and world-class performance. We believe that RPA and other digital technologies have the potential to allow companies to move beyond world-class performance and create a new bar – Digital World Class."

According to Symphony Ventures Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer David Poole, "We believe this partnership can dramatically improve the ROI our clients will achieve, and the speed with which they can realise results," said Mr. Poole. "The benefits of digital transformation come in many forms. Lower transaction costs, increased speed, and increased accuracy are just a few. When properly implemented, digital transformation can also drive greater insight, and improved customer and stakeholder experience. Finally, by automating transactional tasks, staff can be redeployed to more strategic and value-adding activities."

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