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Former charity manager sentenced for fraud

Tuesday 25th April, 2017

A former resource manager has pleaded guilty to defrauding her employer an Autism charity of more than £10,000 to pay mounting debts.

Between June and September last year when she worked for MAIN she falsified emails from a charity trustee supposedly authorising her activities and also made a false claim that she had paid £2,500 to Ofsted to stop the charity’s closure.

She never banked almost £1,000 from a fundraising event and put thousands more into her account.

The fraud was uncovered by the diligence of a financial officer who also work for the charity.

The Northern Echo reported, Robert Harris, chair of the trustees for the charity, told in a statement of the serious consequences of Hussain’s scam on the “financially vulnerable” charity and his own health.

She was given a 15-month prison sentence, suspended for two years at Teesside Crown Court.

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