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SAP Ariba teams with Mercateo to roll out Spot Buy solution

Tuesday 13th June, 2017

The team at SAP Ariba Live in Prague made an interesting announcement today. Following on the heels of successful rollouts in North America, Australia and Latin America, they announced that Mercateo AG had been selected as its primary partner to launch SAP Ariba® Spot Buy in Europe. The strategic alliance promises to transform ad-hoc purchasing for enterprises across the Continent, wrapping the long tail of suppliers into a more compliant, visible environment.

Every purchasing process has its challenges. But spot buying is particularly tough. Buyers generally lack the resources to qualify suppliers and manage bids for items that were needed yesterday and end up purchasing from the first vendor they find who can deliver what they need with extreme speed. That leaves significant savings on the table. And sellers miss out on opportunities to expand and win new business.

“In joining forces with Mercateo, we can help solve these problems, creating a unique, end-to-end experience through which buyers and sellers in Europe can more efficiently engage around non-contracted spend and make procurement awesome,” says Tony Alvarez, General Manager, SAP Ariba Spot Buy. “Mercateo has robust functional capabilities for both buyers and sellers. This philosophy and commitment to creating a neutral platform for commerce fit very well with our strategy, and we are pleased to be leveraging Mercateo Unite as our primary infrastructure for onboarding trusted seller content into SAP Ariba Spot Buy.”

Pairing SAP Ariba’s business network and cloud-based procurement applications, SAP Ariba Spot Buy delivers a consumer-like shopping experience driven by business controls through which even the most casual users can quickly find and immediately buy thousands of contracted and non-contracted items in accordance with their company’s procurement policies and procedures. “Mercateo and SAP Ariba share a passion for connecting buyers and sellers and enabling them to collaborate in new and innovative ways that drive their business forward,” said Dr. Bernd Schönwälder, CSO/CMO of Mercateo. “In sharing the passion for innovative technology and combining SAP Ariba’s procurement expertise with our supply side reach, we can help buyers get a handle on this hard to manage category of spend and control their costs while at the same time opening the door to new opportunities for sellers that fuel growth.”   With SAP Ariba Spot Buy and the Mercateo Unite multi-supplier infrastructure, enterprise buyers can access the rapidly growing number of Mercateo Unite suppliers as well as millions of items from Mercateo Shop on demand. Here’s how it works:

• Find: If an item isn’t listed in a company’s catalog, users can search the SAP Ariba Spot Buy catalog to locate it.
• Approve: Through configurable business rules and spot buy-specific workflow, purchases are automatically aligned with corporate policies and routed for approval.
• Buy: Approved purchases trigger checkout, secure payment and shipment of goods.    

“Ariba Spot Buy has been a life saver for us”, says Shannon Simmons, Program Manager, Global Sourcing & Procurement Services, AIG, a buyer who is already using SAP Ariba Spot Buy.

Chris Dunlap, Global Indirect Spend, HP, Inc. has been pleased with the service since rolling it out as well. “With SAP Ariba Spot Buy, we’re able to move more spend through no touch channels which is really important for us,” he says. “And it’s a pretty easy experience. People can find things that they couldn’t before, they are able to comparison shop and they are finding the prices are as good or better than what we have negotiated in our regular catalogs.”

But SAP Ariba Spot Buy isn’t just for buyers. There are benefits for sellers too as they can easily reach out to a global network of buyers who spend billions on indirect goods and services every year and offer their goods when and where they are needed.

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