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APEX Analytix launches AI offering for continuous financial improvement

Thursday June 22nd, 2017

APEX Analytix has announced the launch of APEX Archimedes™ its digital innovation system integrating IBM Watson® to offer continuous financial improvement for its clients.

APEX Archimedes combines artificial intelligence software capabilities including machine learning, robotic process automation and natural language processing running on the APEX Cloud. Integrating the latest in cognitive technology into APEX Analytix’s software and services enables clients to harness the future of P2P technologies through smarter recoveries, controls, analytics and working capital.

Cognitive technologies such as machine learning, robotics and predictive analytics have already been embedded into APEX Analytix’s products, including their overpayment audit and protection software and supplier management software. These technologies help APEX Analytix to protect $2.6 trillion in spend annually for clients in over 100 countries on six continents.

The announcement of the Archimedes system in conjunction with IBM Watson marks a new era for technology innovation in the supplier portal and AP Recovery Audit industry. APEX Analytix’s has created ‘The Archimedes Centre of Excellence’ in three of its US offices that will build on its established expertise in machine learning and predictive analytics.

Danny Thompson, Senior Vice President of Market and Product Strategy at APEX Analytix said; “This is an exciting time for the P2P industry as it looks to embrace a new wave of digital transformation.”

"Clients are already benefiting from robotics and other cognitive technology in APEX Analytix’s product suite; and we are also delighted to work with IBM to further safeguard our clients’ financial futures and accelerate digital transformation."

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