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transcosmos and Tradeshift Japan announced new partnership

Tuesday 27th June, 2017

transcosmos inc. and Tradeshift Japan have agreed to form a partnership to help businesses shift to electronic commerce smoothly.

Under the partnership, the two companies will co-develop plans to create high-value-added solutions, run marketing promotions and sell the solutions.

By integrating Tradeshift into transcosmos’s BPO services, the partner companies encourage and help businesses digitalise their indirect operations, accelerate transactional speed, whilst achieving paperless transactions.

In the B2B arena it has become a global trend to shift from paper-based transactions to electronic commerce – a paperless, real-time data transaction. As one of its initiatives under the 'Competitive IT Strategy', the Japanese government is also encouraging businesses to use electronic commerce. At the same time, a rising number of businesses are aiming to strengthen their competitive advantage as well as elevating employees’ motivation in the workplace by offering various workstyles that enable employees to strike a right balance between work and life.

transcosmos offers diverse back-office services that optimise various indirect business operations including order management, billing, payment and more. By integrating Tradeshift into the services transcosmos is helping businesses shift from their traditional paper-based transactions to electronic commerce smoothly, whilst building IT foundation which realises paperless transactions, process automation, online document management and approvals, regardless of the place.

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