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Financial IT Systems Officer admits £1m Dundee council fraud

Thursday 3rd August, 2017

A former IT officer has admitted stealing over £1m from Dundee City Council in a fraud to support his gambling habit.

He defrauded the council of £1,065,085 between August 2009 and May last year. The court has heard he paid back only £7,337 to the council.

As a specialist in financial IT systems he used his unrestricted access to enter amounts into the local authority's computer system that was due from genuine suppliers, but the money was paid into his own bank accounts.

As reported by the BBC, Advocate depute Rosemary Guinnane said: "He was an IT officer specialising in financial IT systems and was regarded as the council's primary specialist in these systems."

The fraud came to light in May last year when an employee became aware of a £7,337 payment to a building firm and thought it was unusual that it was made to a Nationwide building society account.

The fraud was reported on 25th May last year, when he created a Scottish Fuels invoice with his Santander bank account details on. The Council’s Head of Customer Service was made aware of the discrepancy and auditors were appointed to investigate.

Advocate depute added: "They also identified various weaknesses in the council's accounting practices that allowed the fraud to remain undetected for so long."

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