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NTT DATA announces new partnership with Blue Prism

Monday 18th September

NTT DATA Services, a leader in global technology services, has partnered with Blue Prism to further expand its automation capabilities.

The partnership will enable NTT DATA to offer RPA implementation and support for its global client base through Blue Prism’s enterprise-grade "Digital Workforce."

"Organisations simply cannot be effective with a digital strategy without automating processes intelligently," said Phil Fersht, CEO and chief analyst at HfS Research. "Forget all the hype around robotics and jobs going away, this is about making processes run digitally so smart organisations can grow their digital businesses and create new work and opportunities."

The new partnership is now part of NTT DATA’s end-to-end automation ecosystem, Solutions for Intelligent Automation (SIA). The solutions apply advanced analytics and machine learning to allow humans, autonomics, and virtual assistants to work together to automate repetitive tasks and deliver enterprise innovation and business growth.

Dan Thomas, vice president of automation, integration and alliances, NTT DATA Services, said “We helped a major healthcare provider achieve a 90 percent reduction in processing time with 100 percent accuracy through the automation of claims adjudication and adjustment and helped a national health plan provider achieve near-perfect accuracy by applying similar RPA. In all cases NTT DATA’s solutions led to an improvement in both productivity and accuracy by taking a holistic approach to automation,”

NTT DATA Services, a division of NTT DATA Corporation has 50,000 employees and serves hundreds of clients in 50 countries.

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