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Basware launches Supplier Quality Analytics Dashboard

Thursday 7th December, 2017

Basware has released Supplier Quality Analytics, a dashboard that transforms supplier transaction records into business intelligence to improve everyday decision making, operational performance and the bottom line.

The Supplier Quality dashboard brings Basware customers more value from S2P by turning the data captured during procurement transactions into insights on how suppliers are performing against targets. These actionable insights help organisations develop better sourcing strategies, build high-performing supply chains and reduce supply chain risk.

Sami Peltonen, VP of Purchase to Pay Product Management, Basware, said, "To build high-performing supply chains, companies need to get visibility into all transactional data, from both direct and indirect spending. Our new, interactive dashboard consolidates the historical transaction data from all suppliers for analysis to identify exceptions by supplier and process bottlenecks. This empowers customers to take corrective actions and reduce the risk of costly supply chain disruptions. For some customers it could mean closer collaboration with suppliers to improve the quality, while for others it can mean supplier base rationalisation."

An efficient supply chain is critical to company success and can also be the source of product innovation and differentiation. The supplier quality dashboard helps companies achieve supply chain excellence by monitoring:

Lead time measures
Order fulfilment measures
Delivery quality measures

"Our mission at Basware is to help customers simplify their operations and spend smarter. We deliver on this promise by arming customers with new capabilities and innovation. Our continuous investment in developing advanced analytics to harness the power of financial data is evidence of this commitment," adds Sami Peltonen.