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VINCI Energies centralises invoice and order flow

Tuesday 2nd January, 2018

Basware is to roll out its solutions at VINCI Energies a subsidiary of the VINCI Group in order to streamline and digitise the process of sending and receiving invoices and orders for its 1,600 business units.

VINCI Energies is a major global player in the fields of digital transformation and energy transition with a presence in 52 countries. VINCI Energies’ operations are not centralised, which creates a dense territorial network and allows intimate relationships with clients.

The company launched a major rationalisation and process-optimisation project in order to increase efficiency, productivity and visibility in each business unit. This is reflected by the decision taken in January 2015 to roll out a single ERP system per country by 2020, in addition to a single platform to centralise processes for invoicing and for client and supplier orders worldwide.

"This transformation was particularly urgent given that the digitisation solution that we were using in France for a portion of our outgoing invoices was no longer supported by the provider. Furthermore, as a government supplier, we are obliged to send our invoices electronically via the Chorus Pro portal since January 1, 2017," explains Dominique Tessaro, CIO of VINCI Energies.

Basware processing began for incoming and outgoing intra-group and internal VINCI Energies invoice flows in France in October 2017. The roll out of the solution to eight more countries took place in November 2017.

During 2018 the process of digitising customer and supplier orders will begin and there will be a gradual rollout of a fully automated system for integrating all invoices into a single ERP system.

VINCI Energies aims to gradually increase the functionality and geographical scope of the solution by 2022, meaning that 3 million incoming and outgoing invoices, 1 million digitised invoices and more than 1 million electronic customer and supplier orders will be managed using the same solution worldwide.