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EESPA launches multilateral interoperability framework agreement

Tuesday 9th January, 2018

EESPA has agreed to launch a new Multilateral Interoperability Framework Agreement (MIFA) under which its members will exchange e-invoices and other documents on behalf of their customers.

The EESPA Working Group that produced the MIFA have now released version 2.0 after the completion of a successful pilot during 2017. The MIFA contains a Legal Agreement, a Common Service Description and an Adherence Agreement to express on-boarding by Members.

EESPA has also established a governance framework for ongoing support and development of its interoperability frameworks. The bilateral Model Interoperability Agreement remains available for member use as appropriate.

According to EESPA in 2016 over 500 million invoices were delivered between service providers from its community, an increase of 36.5% in Business to business (B2B)/Business to government (B2G) and 47.3% in the Business to consumer (B2C) segment over the previous year.

This trend is expected to continue and is supported by the association’s interoperability agreements, which facilitate rapid on-boarding and efficient operations for thousands of end-users.

EESPA will continue to seek convergence with other e-business associations in the area of interoperability at both the business and technical level, and is committed as one of its key objectives to create a fully interoperable eco-system.