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Payments Manager accused of £1.7m fraud

Friday 12th January, 2018

A qualified accountant from Wales and his wife, a former head teacher, are accused of laundering £1.7m stolen cash to spend on a lavish lifestyle.

50 year old Jeffrey Bevan, moved to Bermuda for a £80,000pa job as a payments manager in the office of the Accountant General of Bermuda in 2011, but he stands accused of making 52 fraudulent payments to himself.

It's alleged that he then illegally transferred the money back to the UK where it was used to pay off the mortgage on their house, invest in 11 properties and buy two Mercedes Benz cars.

Joel Ismail, 42, and Paul Charity, 52, both of Leicester, are also accused of taking part in the fraud.

Prosecutor Tim Evans described Mr Bevan as a "gambling addict" with a "fascination with risk and trying to win big".

Paddy Power revealed Mr Bevan had made 18,853 bets online between November 2008 and May 2014.

The jury was told Mr Bevan quit his job after less than three years to move back to Wales - blaming his mother's poor health and the children's schooling.

Mr Bevan claimed the payments were for overtime while working for the Bermuda government, saying he earned £295 ($400) per hour working 35-hours a week but worked 50 hours a week on top of that.

All have denied the charges.