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Financial Controller jailed for five years for abuse of position

Friday 16th February, 2018

A woman who abused her position of trust to defraud her employer of more than £500,000 has been jailed.

The 53-year-old, from Lincoln Avenue in Twickenham, was jailed for five years at Kingston Crown Court after she was found guilty of fraud by abuse of position.

The fraudster started working at an events management company in Kingston as its bookkeeper in January 2008, before rising to became its finance manager before being promoted to its financial controller in 2013.

Within each role she had full access to all of the company’s bank accounts and she was responsible for payroll and supplier payments.

She was dismissed in November 2015 for gross misconduct when she was found to be using the company taxi account for personal usage without prior approval or authority to do so.

A new finance manager discovered that between May 11 2010 and November 20 2015 there had been £509,155.68 transferred in 720 separate transactions from the company’s expense account into the fraudster's current account.

It also showed that £23,083.21 had been transferred from the company’s current account between May 20 2010 and November 19 2015, which appeared to be unauthorised. This amount was moved across 45 transactions.

Inquiries, including reviewing her bank accounts, revealed evidence she had been receiving payments from the company.

She replied “no comment” when asked by officers to explain the transactions, before being charged by the investigating officer from Kingston CID, said: “She has refused to take responsibility for her actions throughout, so I am pleased she has now been brought to justice.

“We hope this sends a strong message to those who think they can defraud their employers and get away with it. You will be caught and you will be brought to justice.”