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Case Studies

iTESOFT supports Network Rail on finance automation solution

Network Rail chose iTESOFT to support a major project to improve and integrate their finance solution, known as Project SWIM (scanning, workflow, invoice management). Network Rail were inundated with more than a million supplier invoices a year, almost half of them paper. They needed to find a way to rationalise the business and deliver cost and efficiency savings. Here's what they did...

Leveraging Real Time for Decision Making

Guest post by ITESOFT

'Real-Time' information is becoming increasingly valuable to decision makers, providing visibility and accuracy that allows you to unlock value throughout the Purchase-to-Pay process. In fact, Gartner estimates that 70% of the world's most profitable companies will use embedded real time predictive analytics by 2016. How close are you to achieving this?

UKForex takes the pain away from currency payments

Tails', a classic menswear retailer, began life as a vintage clothing stall in a Cardiff antique market. Managing Director, Joshua Williams grew up with the business, and said “My father, Mark, founded the company in 1979. When I left university, returning to run Tails' was a logical step – I’ve been involved in it all my life.”

UniCredit Bank- Improving control & visibility within accounts payable

Reputation is incredibly valuable, particularly in the banking and professional services sector, where an organisation’s financial conduct should mirror the same professional integrity promoted throughout the rest of the business and its customers. In today's business enviroment the company’s financial reputation with suppliers has a huge impact on pricing and profitability. 

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