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Basware Connect – Blockchain, AI and anyone for (Table) Tennis?

Friday 15th September, 2017

In an increasingly crowded marketplace, there are some vendor conferences that stand out as something more than a simple call to salivate over the next generation product release. And Basware Connect is one of them. In fact, it’s one I’ve started to look forward to as a place guaranteed to host some interesting and original thinkers – not just in P2P, but in related areas too. Plus, of course, it’s a great place to meet up with old friends and make new connections.

The free event is open to both Basware customers and other industry professionals across procurement, finance, AP and shared services etc. This year it’s being held on 18th October in the techy, but trendy CodeNode – which I was excited to see comes complete with table tennis tables! A sport I’d always thought I was reasonably proficient in until I joined a (very proficient as it turned out) local team. And if I hadn’t done that, no doubt I would have continued in my mistaken belief in my abilities!

And having insight and being able to learn from past mistakes is something that Times columnist, Matthew Syed will be talking about in his opening keynote at the event. Author of bestselling “Black Box Thinking,” Syed will discuss how our approach to high performance can sometimes be blinkered and in order to grow in a fast paced environment, we have to learn not to be afraid to fail and be honest with ourselves.

And that’s something that’s been embraced by Countrywide PLC as Natalie Ceeney, Non-exec Director will explain. We tend to think of change as something new, but actually, throughout history humans and businesses have been pretty good at adapting and coping. But with the sudden advent of AI and machine learning, Natalie will walk us through why some businesses fail where others succeed and how we might be able to apply this to our own method of working.

Of course, from time to time a change comes along that has the potential to really shake things up, and blockchain could well be one of them. More than just a buzzword, blockchain’s promise of ultimate accuracy, legitimacy and heightened visibility have huge implications for P2P processing if it delivers. So I’m really happy to see renowned expert, Simon Taylor, co-Founder and Blockchain Lead at 11:FS on the agenda. Simon’s one of those rare exceptions where the word “guru” attached to his name sits comfortably.

On top of this, Basware have laid on a whole host of their executive team to discuss some new developments and the roadmap at the company. And for any potential customers looking for a hook to entice their bosses into the world of automation and einvoicing, then they should head over to Andy Stevenson’s, Head of Finance at the Co Op presentation on building a business case they “can’t say no to“ no less!

There are also some more hands on sessions for existing customers looking to get more out of their solutions. A particular stand out for me is the “5 Things you don’t know you’ve got and should be using” session. So many projects limp rather than soar, simply because only a fraction of what’s possible is being used.

So, if you haven’t already signed up, it’s definitely worth clicking on the registration link and seeing what the day’s got to offer you. Joining me for table tennis is optional…