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Basware Connect - Lessons in Superfinance, robotics and...immortality

Monday 1st October, 2018

That we’re at the start of a new era of advanced technology is undeniable, and Baware’s upcoming Connect conference appears to have captured the mood perfectly. Pitched as “Superfinance – the Rise of Mind and Machine,” Basware have locked onto our fascination, fears and excitement about what’s round the corner. What will the future of finance and procurement look like? How will our roles change? Will our roles even exist in the future?

All questions which we will be seeking answers to during the day’s event held at the super cool, Code Node in London on 17th October. It’s free to attend and the Basware team have gone into overdrive to offer a day patranshumanismcked with excellent speakers. And in keeping with the theme of the day, it looks like it’s going to be pacey too!

So what do Basware mean by Superfinance? Well, it’s a world that many of us already recognise, one that’s almost within reach. It’s a place where automated processing and analysis of key data can enable better decision making by professionals finely tuned to look for it and drive the outcomes a business needs. But it’s about more than that too, it’s about carrying the team with you, ensuring that your organisation has the right talent, doing the right things at the right time. The digitisation of purchase to pay has the capacity to draw down data that can provide actionable insights to gain competitive advantage. The key point is, which data? The morning’s sessions kick off with VP and Country Manager Louis Fernandes covering some of this ground and asking us to consider what our departments will look like and how we will prepare for it when we get the time to focus on strategy.

And with futurologists like Rohit Talwar and Mark O’Connell ahead of him, the day will focus our minds outside of the boundaries of our day to day and consider how it might be impacted by technology on a more fundamental level. Wellcome Book Prize winner, Mark O’Connell explores the notion of singularity – the idea that one day soon, AI will be so powerful that we will have the capacity to be immortal. Or at least our minds will be. That is, by scanning and uploading our minds into a machine. And while you may not have heard of Transhumanism, you’ll certainly have heard of the companies its wealthy, Silicon valley exponents run. Google, for example has invested millions into anti-aging research. The merger of machine and biological intelligence might sound like something from a science fiction film, but that future is already amongst us by way of smart drugs and wearable tech for example.

But is the future already with us in procure to pay? VP Forrester and Chief Analyst, Duncan Jones will walk us through the dazzle of RPA and blockchain and other emerging technologies to find their practical application and what an organisation will need to do to take advantage of it. The second half of the day is packed with many practical sessions and excellent speakers and workshops, including a peek at Basware’s roadmap for the future. There’s also a great (and rare among providers) session on how customers can maximise on what they already have, but might not be using.

So if you haven’t already registered for the event, you can sign up here. It really is a great day out, and with rumours of pizza and prosecco to round off the day, those kind folk at Basware don’t let you go away hungry either.