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How to be a Tech Humanist - Kate O'Neill to explain all at our June event

Thursday 17th January, 2019Kate ONeill 1 small

So you’ve invested in automation in your organisation, perhaps you’ve been exploring RPA – maybe even flirted with AI. But have you stopped to think how the tech you’re using influences your behaviour, or how we as humans could and should be influencing the tech? This year, we’re looking forward to hosting Kate O’Neill, CEO KO Insights to our P2P Transformation event on 11th June at The Hurlingham Club, where she will be exploring why it’s imperative that we make a conscious effort to grasp the narrative as we head towards an AI augmented future.

Kate writes about that increasingly important inflection point poised at the intersection of technology and humanity. Some of the jobs we do today will be replaced or augmented by automation, but other, new ones will be created. She believes that rather than being fearful about that, we should rethink our attitude and start believing that it can be filled with human meaning. But we have to embed that philosophy into our solutions and processes from the outset.

And it’s a growing movement. Kate has been spreading her message of a human-centric digital transformation in business at many events across the US, Spain, The Netherlands and now the UK. In 2018 she launched her latest book – Tech-Humanist, looking into the idea that how we articulate purpose and values inside business will have effects at scale on the human experience.  Business, technology and our humanity don’t exist in isolation and true transformation will recognise the connectivity of everything. 

Interconnected. Even when we're at home, on Facebook, playing a game. Perhaps you took part in Facebook's "10 year challenge". You know the one - where people post an image of themselves ten years ago, and another taken now. Harmless fun.. probably. In fact it was something that Kate was about to take part in, before she paused and tweeted about it instead. A tweet that led to this excellent piece in Wired, which was later picked up by the BBC. Do take a look.

We're very much looking forward to hosting Kate O'Neill at our event, and are excited to announce that she will be introduced by Documation, a company that's increasingly in the headlines in relation to automation, RPA and AI, and who only this week announced an important partnership with UiPath, a company with one of the most remarkable success stories in robotics.

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