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Is it Silly Season Yet? Brexit, BBQs and Robots

Friday 23rd August, 2019

The run up to the August bank holiday used to be called the “silly season,” but it seems that seasons last a very long time these days. With surprising and often contradictory announcements being made from either side of the Atlantic and from other areas of the world, it’s easy to become just a bit confused.

With the Brexit deadline waiting for us on the other side of autumn, organisations need to be doing all they can to prepare for an increasingly likely “No Deal” scenario. And with the winds of a wider recession blowing across the globe, it could be time to tighten belts.

It would seem counter intuitive to spend money at a time of uncertainty, but organisations that take the time to investigate the robustness of their processes will reap the rewards. And that means taking the time to drill down into your supply chain too. Do you have any possible weaknesses in the event of a No Deal, or indeed any kind of Brexit? The latest figures are not encouraging. The latest CIPS report says that they have found little or no evidence of extensive No Deal planning.

While organisations can’t prepare for all combinations of every possible outcome, having a thorough understanding of systems and how they route through to your organisation’s aims and strategy is imperative. If you can understand “why?” then steps can be taken to change, or at least highlight how to change if necessary.

Sometimes improvement into visibility and better process can be delivered by altering the structure of an organisation on a departmental level, at other times it will necessitate technology implementation. And with the advance of cloud, robotics and bolt on technologies, organisations don’t have to rely on large scale roll outs to make a difference.BBQ

And talking about roll outs, it looks like it’s actually going to be a sunny bank holiday, so while you um.. roll out your BBQ and place your Argentinian beef onto your German BBQ, using your (probably) Amazonian sourced charcoal, it’s worth remembering that to keep things sustainable, you first need to know everything about how and why those networks are in place, and if they need to change, I expect it’s time to act now.