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Seal Software and their aim to become the Google of contracts

Finding a solution to what keeps CFO’s up at night might seem an impossible quest given today’s climate, but it’s one which Seal Software might just have the answer to. In the tangled world of contracts, Seal aims to represent the “single source of truth”. Curious to find out what that meant, APN sought out their VP Contract Strategy, Lloyd Alexander at eWorld in Westminster last month.

Ariba setting a new standard for eInvoicing

An interview with Drew Hofler, Ariba

Towards the tail end of summer, Ariba announced a new release with expanded capabilities that the company suggested will set a new standard for the way invoicing is done. The Ariba Network is the world’s largest business-to-business trading platform and is used by nearly 2 million enabled buyers and sellers to exchange over 70 million invoices per year. With the new features embedded in the network, the aim is for these companies to drive an end-to-end invoicing process that is more global, intelligent and simple than ever. So APN caught up with Drew Hofler, Ariba's Senior Marketing Director to find out a bit more about it.

Kofax's journey to Lexmark's $1bn buy-out

It’s been an interesting few years in the AP automation space, firstly with the shift away from on premise solutions and the journey into the cloud, and secondly with the new processes and possibilities that have opened up on the back of disruptive technology. Of course, the solutions that a technology company produces can be both the driver of new processes and a reflection of the current trends and needs it serves. As a result, a lot of agile new companies have sprung up over the last 4 or 5 years offering bespoke solutions servicing very specific needs.

How digital is on course to disrupt business

By guest contributor - Vishal Patel, Senior Solutions Manager, Tradeshift

Iit should come as no surprise to business leaders that we are very much in the digital age. Digital disruption is taking place across industries, functions and business processes, as they introduce cloud, mobile, social and big data.  But the problem is, not every organisation or industry is following suit. And businesses are now falling into two categories: those that have already been disrupted and reshaped by digital, and those that have yet to be.