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Finance and Accounting Outsourcing: The Next Wave of Savings

By James Tucker, Director of Marketing and Financial Solutions, Ariba.

Finance and accounting functions in shared service organisations continue to rely on outsourcing to reduce costs and generate operational support. Demand is still heavy for the service, but the rationale for choosing F&A outsourcing has changed.

While cost containment remains a key driver for outsourcing decisions, global organisations today are looking to move beyond labour arbitrage to optimise their business processes to achieve the next wave of cost savings. Clients expect transformational outcomes, better business alignment and improved efficiencies from their outsourced operations and are increasingly open to shared services models and risk-reward pricing.

Nearshoring - Why More Businesses are Looking at Eastern Europe

In a legacy of the engineering-based education system promoted by the former Soviet Union, there is a high volume of companies providing IT outsourcing and software development services in the region. According to the Central and Eastern Europe Outsourcing Review in 2010, the low-cost, highly skilled IT labour, coupled with a relatively close proximity to the UK, is making Eastern Europe an increasingly attractive destination to UK businesses for offshoring IT services.

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