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Summit Agenda

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09:00 Event starts
Welcome and introduction
  Introduction by Tradeshifttradeshift logo black
09:02 - 09.30 Keynote Speaker - Simon Reeve
09:45 - 10:15 Panel Discussion - Late payments, CSR, existing and upcoming regs
10:15 - 10:25
Time for coffee - meet the exhbitors
10:25 -10:40 Achieving Real Transformation - What Does Success look Like
10:40 - 11:00 The Murphy Group Transformation Journey - Part II
11:19 - 11:49 P2P Trends for 2020 - Do You Know Your AI from your IA
11:50 - 12:20 Good News From the Next World - A focus on 2021/22
12:20 - 12:35 Lunch break - meet the exhibitors
12:37 Introduction by ITESOFTitesoft logo 2019
12:40 - 13:06 Keynote Speaker - Professor Sue Black, OBE
13:05 - 13.15 Interactive virtual Q & A
 13:20 - 14:03 Your Path to Becoming a Digital Finance Leader
 14:03- 14:35  Blockchain is About to Change Your World. No Really
14:35- 15:00 Awards, Prize Draw and Next Year's event details


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Opening Keynote: Simon Reeve

Simon will take you through the challenges and highlights he's faced in his many adventures, how he's been able to overcome them and share with you some insights that you can take back with you to your own organisation. A fantastic storyteller, enjoy listening to his first hand experience of dealing with some of the most challenging experiences possible. Presentation supported by tradeshift logo black

Panel Discussion - Paying Late and the Unexpected Risks and CSR Shortfalls in Your Procure to Pay

Philip King - Small Business Commissioner, Geoff Parnell - Head of Transformation, Octavia Housing, Ant Persse, Financial Solutions Director

A panel discussion looking at the issues surrounding late payments and your contractual and compliance obligations. We'll take a look at existing and upcoming regulations and what your organisations can do to prepare. The panel will also discuss the effects late payments have on your supply chain and working capital. And in our inter-connected world, paying late can have serious CSR implications to your supply chain with reputational damage to your brand.

The Digital Future and Your Place in IT

 Professor Sue Black, OBE - Durham University

Named one of Forbes Top 50 women in tech in 2018, Professor Sue Black OBE is an award-winning computer scientist, radical thinker, passionate social entrepreneur, keynote speaker and author. With 20+ years experience in academia, Sue is also an accomplished academic manager and research centre director with more than 40 publications and a PhD in software engineering.This session focuses on what's in store for us and our organisations in the digital future. Drawing on her research and past experiences, Dr Black opens a window to an increasingly interconnected world.Presentation supported by itesoft logo 2019

 The Murphy Group Transformation Journey Part Two

 Lubnah Alam - Head of Shared Services, Murphy Group

In her session last year Lubnah took us through the journey towards transformation that The Murphy Group had been on and their visions for successful outcomes in the future. In this session, Lubnah returns to shed light on what's been happening in the intervening year. We'll be looking at the highlights, savings made, processes changed and the results achieved...and lessons learned.

 Achieving Real Transformation - What Does Success Look Like?

 Paul Bryanhill - Vice President of Financial Operations, NBC Universal

We all know that digital transformation is supposed to be something we're aiming for, but what does that look like in reality? How does the interconnected eco-system of our technology and the effectiveness of our ability to partner with the rest of the business affect whether we achieve the success we're looking for? Join in this session to hear Paul draw on his experience at NBC Universal and previous other roles as CFO and FD and in Shared Services at a wide range of large enterprise size organisations.

P2P Trends For 2020 - Do You Know Your AI from your IA?

Nic Walden - Director The Hackett Group

Join this session to hear The Hackett Group's analysis of current trends for the future across finance, procurement and the supply chain. Nic explores how automation and processing has matured and looks at current benchmarks across various industries. See how your organisation compares across a number of KPIs and what the impact of further introduction of automation and the introduction of artificial intelligence will have on your existing systems.

Good News From the Next World

Dan Foley - Director of Finance SSC - Kier Group

What will our working environments look and feel like in the coming months and years? How we work together and the processes we bring in will have a big impact on how we develop for the future. As difficult as it is, these times offer opportunities and a chance to change things for the better. Join us to find out the good news from the next world!

Your Path to Becoming a Digital Finance Leader

Chris Argent - Generation CFO

Continuous change, adaptation, and innovation are the new normal in this age of digital disruption. Traditional business and operating models are being replaced with faster-moving, more fluid structures and strategies. The finance leader and CFO role has never been more dynamic or different. What do you need to do to become more digitally focused. Today's leaders must possess skills and experience beyond the Finance function. And as a result, the career paths of modern CFOs are anything but linear. Join this session to find out how you can align your skills to the modern finance world.

Blockchain is About to Change Your World. No Really.

Carlton Hopper, IBM - Partner European Blockchain Services

If you give a £20 note to one person, but blindfold them, and you told them to hand it to another person who hands it to another person and so on for 20 times, it’s likely that along the way someone might pocket the £20, that someone might lose it etc, until you have no idea where your £20 is. But if you ask those 20 people to stand up and hold hands, you know your £20 is being passed from one person to another along the line, there’s no way of losing it. In this session Carlton Hopper, former Director at E&Y explains this scenario in a business context and how we're at the edge of a sea change in how we process transactions across the world.

Here’s what our attendees say:


Head of Purchase to Pay, Lonza Biologics

"Another excellent event definitely not to be missed if you work in P2P"


European Shared Services Director, Informa

“Excellent day, thank you”


AP Manager, Birmingham City Council

“I thoroughly enjoyed the event from start to finish. I thought the whole day was slick and professional,
it was a pleasure to attend.”


Regional Process Owner PTP, Hitachi Europe Ltd

“A lot to take away. Could lead to some interesting discussions back at base.”


Shared Services Manager, The Adecco Group UK & Ireland

"I go to a lot of conferences and I can honestly say that your event is the most friendly and educational. I have taken away so many new ideas and my team are so excited with their award."

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