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Survey by Anoto finds paperless office still out of reach

Two-thirds of businesses regularly need to scan more than 50 pages a day to transfer information to a digital format

Anoto, the creator of digital pen and paper technology, conducted a survey across the US and the UK focusing on the state of scanning. Businesses both large and small were surveyed and found to have significant scanning requirements due to a continued reliance on paper. Some of the major reasons for this include the need to keep an electronic record (71%) and because the data is easier to work with in digital form (55%).

M&S introduce contactless payments

Friday 10th August, 2012

Marks & Spencer has become the latest retailer to introduce contactless payments, initially in its 25 busiest London stores and a number of Simply Food outlets, The Guardian reported.

The contactless technology, provided by payment processor Streamline and Visa Europe, allows shoppers to buy items for less than £20.

Almost half of companies worry that BYOD increases viruses

Monday 6th August, 2012

The results of a study by Lieberman Software Corporation found that BYOD (bring your own device) increases costs to businesses. Respondents were asked if they believed allowing employees to connect their own devices (such as USB drives, mobile phones, portable PCs and home computers) to the corporate network increased costs - with 67% saying that it did increase costs.