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Fujitsu and Kofax partner for Robotic Process Automation

Thursday 10th May, 2018

Leading Japanese information and communication technology company, Fujitsu and Kofax Japan have entered into a global sales partner agreement in Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

The partnership will enable the two companies to collaboratively conduct new market development activities. Fujitsu and Kofax are now offering RPA solutions in Japan, and will in the future steadily rollout globally.

Organisations are under immense pressure to digitise and automate all aspects of their operations, yet many still rely on manual tasks for vital business processes which may increase errors and costs.

RPA is increasingly deployed to address the need to automate manual, repetitive tasks, eliminate errors and deliver 100 percent data accuracy, thereby improving productivity, quality, and cost savings.

This partnership agreement allows Fujitsu and Kofax to collaboratively deploy RPA to support streamlined operations in various industries around the world.

Kofax’s RPA software Kapow allows users to deploy smart robots to mimic human actions and automate a wide range of manual, repetitive tasks while driving continuous improvements.