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Finance manager jailed for £122,000 fraud at family firm

Thursday 14th June, 2018

A family construction company which was defrauded out of £122,000 by its trusted finance manager has said it will take until 2044 to recover.

The finance manager was jailed for two years and eight months along with her son who was also jailed for his part in defrauding the money from the midlands based firm.

Her son was jailed for acquiring £38,000 of the money to fund alcohol, drugs and gambling addictions.

Shaun Dorricott said in the Shropshire Star, “It has put an enormous effect on the business and I believe the growth of business has been stalled substantially as a result. I also believe that she put jobs and livelihoods of all our employees at risk.”

He added, “We are still finding items that she has hidden in the accounts on a day-to-day basis."

Within months after of her taking her post in March 2013, she began falsifying invoices and directing money from the company accounts into her son’s account.

He added, "She has reconciliation files in the accounts that date right up to 2044, so it will keep causing problems until the year 2044."