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Finance boss jailed for living the high life with employer’s cash

Thursday 21st June, 2018

A trusted finance boss at a national company has admitted to two offenses of fraud and jailed for three years.

She used the money to fund a lavish lifestyle including, a trip to Paris, designer brands and over 150 purchases on Amazon while putting 300 jobs at risk.

In 2013, she began working for Lucion Services, which deals with hazardous materials and risk management.

A year later she was promoted to Finance Manager giving her full access to the firm’s online banking system, where she made 115 payments to herself amounting to £257,371. She also made Amazon purchases worth £5,000 on the company credit card.

She tried to cover up the fraud in the hope it might slip under the radar of any audits, although it finally came to light in 2016 after a lengthy investigation.

Reported in ChronicleLive, The judge said that her attempts to cover up her fraud with false invoices also had a knock-on effect, including reputational damage to the company “given the mayhem you had caused”.

Judge Gittins said: “You may have been promoted beyond your capabilities, stress and excess hours and the culture of the business may have combined to cause you considerable anxiety.”

She has paid back a substantial amount of the stolen money and is now bankrupt.