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XMBC connects supply chain finance and blockchain

Wednesday 4th July, 2018

The XMBC project, focused on optimising contract technology, has launched blockchain products based on smart contracts integrated with internet finance.

XMBC's parent company focuses on corporate financing. To solve the problem of trust mechanism in the payment process, XMBC has registered a foundation in Singapore, and with the application of "Carbon Chain TCC", it designed a supply chain financial digital asset product based on smart contracts.

XMBC bears insights into the use of blockchains in the payment field and has its own technological advantages. The blockchain technology platform of XMBC with layered design adopts a series of technical security system construction, which can ensure the isolation between the application and the core platform. The platform is self-optimising and provides adapted API to ensure the security of platform financial transaction.

XMBC's application scenarios includes digital asset trading, smart contracts, Internet of Things, supply chain finance, and new retail payment systems. The goal of XMBC is to provide holders with a blockchain finance and supply chain venture capital platform.