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Tungsten launches e-billing service

Tuesday 10th July,

The e-invoicing platform has launched Tungsten Network e-billing, that sends digital, PDF, and paper outbound invoices through one service provider.

The service will enable accounts receivable (AR) departments to send all of their outbound invoices through a single service provider and have them delivered in the preferred format of the recipient, regardless of whether their customers are registered on Tungsten Network. It works alongside Tungsten Network’s e-invoicing solution, aimed at removing friction from Accounts Payable (AP) processes, allowing companies to digitally automate their accounting processes on both sides of the ledger.

Tungsten Network e-billing customers will digitally send their outbound invoice data to Tungsten Network via single connection. Invoices are processed by Tungsten Network, validated in accordance with global tax-compliance standards, and delivered both on- and off-Network.

Tungsten Network delivers the invoices in the recipient’s required format, whether digital, a .PDF email attachment, or via a printing and postal service, allowing Tungsten Network customers to easily meet the diverse interoperability requirements of connecting with their own customers.