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Accenture and Digital Ventures launch blockchain solution

Friday 19th October, 2018

Accenture and Digital Ventures have co-developed and launched a blockchain solution to allow companies to buy and sell goods, make and receive payments, and obtain financing.

The companies claim the solution uses the world’s first integrated procure-to-pay solution on the Corda platform from software company R3.

The solution was created with SCG, a business conglomerate, using design DevOps principles, along with microservices and cloud technologies. Digital Ventures’ blockchain solution for procure-to-pay, also known as “B2P”, is already in production use, handling transactions with selected SCG suppliers.

SCG says the new platform is aimed at improving transparency for all parties across the procurement supply chain process, while minimising human errors and integrating purchase orders and invoices between organisations without the need for reconciliations and adjustments.