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Morrisons’ data leak ruling highlights the inherent risks that exist for all companies

Wednesday 24th October, 2018

Another day, another company feeling the effects of a data leak. This time the company in the spotlight is UK supermarket chain Morrisons, one of the country’s biggest food retailers.

Hicx Solutions reports that while this is not an entirely new case – the initial incident actually took place in 2014 – it is significant because the supermarket chain has now lost an appeal against a High Court decision that it should compensate thousands of its employees after their data was compromised.

One of the aspects that sets this case apart from other high-profile data scandals is the manner in which it happened.

A different type of data breach

Rather than being the result of a targeted external attack by hackers hoping to steal information, such as those which previously hit Equifax and TalkTalk, Morrisons suffered an internal information breach.