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Poland to start testing platform ready for EU e-Invoicing Directive

Tuesday 30th October, 2018

The Polish government will start testing its national services platform Platformy Elektronicznego Fakturowania (PeF) in December 2018. The platform is expected to be ready by Q2 2019 and will support two major public e-services (e-orders and e-invoices).

The electronic document exchange flow counts on an online portal which will act as an intermediary between businesses and the Public Administration, like those currently used in The Netherlands (Simpler Invoicing) and Belgium (Mercurius).

Aligned with the requirements of the EU Directive 2014/55/EU the platform will serve as an electronic order and invoice exchange platform for public procurement. It will be compliant with the European Norm, as the format type selected is based on PEPPOL-BIS and its eDelivery Network. The PEPPOL eDelivery Network requires the use of PEPPOL Access Points to send the structured invoices to the PeF portal.

Poland is one of many European countries scrambling to be ready for the April 2019 EU directive deadline. Poland has also been active in trying to reduce its VAT gap. Earlier this year the government mandated all taxpayers to submit Standard Audit File for Tax (SAF-T) as a method of electronic reporting of invoicing data in case it was required, for auditing purposes, by the tax authority.

PEPPOL is currently in use in 16 countries in Europe with PEPPOL Authorities placed in 8 countries. The number of PEPPOL Authorities will grow with the first non-European country Singapore along with Germany and now Poland all seeking to establish their authority.