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NEP and Pagero provide PEPPOL efficiency for the NHS

Thursday 29th November, 2018

NHS consortium NEP Shared System Group (NEP) has moved into full PEPPOL production for its first pilot cohort of six member trusts in partnership with Pagero.

These organisations are now fully PEPPOL compliant and can send and receive electronic purchase orders, purchase order confirmations and invoices with their supplier base.

All NHS trusts have been tasked with becoming PEPPOL compliant as part of the Department of Health Scan4Safety programme. Whilst many NHS trusts await funding to initiate this important initiative, NEP has decided to incorporate the delivery of a PEPPOL compliant service within their core offering to its member organisations.

Christine Hall, Associate Programme Director explains the decision: “PEPPOL presents significant benefits to both our member organisations as well as the suppliers who support patient care through the delivery of goods and services. NEP provides a cloud-based ERP platform to our members, so it was a logical step to ensure we developed our service on behalf of our members to ensure compliance. This will ultimately increase data accuracy and transparency across the NHS supply chain and it will be an important foundation in helping our members continue to provide a high standard of care to their patients.”

Anna Micklewright, Global Head of Sales for Pagero’s Healthcare division said, “Pagero has worked closely with NEP and the Department of Health to ensure that members of NEP have a first-class PEPPOL service and we are thrilled that they are pioneers in this initiative. Pagero continues to support suppliers who want to engage with NEP members via Pagero or any other Access Point. We look forward to extending the service to other members of the NEP consortium.”

NEP Shared System Group is a consortium of 35 plus NHS Organisations which is hosted by Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust.