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78% of UK office workers are optimistic about RPA

Tuesday 8th January, 2019

According to research by enterprise Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software company UiPath seventy eight percent of UK office workers are confident their jobs will survive automation.

The research explored during August the attitudes of 1,000 office employees toward automation revealed that nearly half (49 percent) do not see how their administrative duties can be undertaken by a software robot.

“RPA is one of the most far-reaching revolutions in the UK workplace,” said Kulpreet Singh, managing director EMEA, UiPath. “Office employees may be in for a pleasant surprise as the burden of boring and routine tasks moves to being performed by software robots instead. They will need to adjust to having a greater amount of time for more valuable work.”

Despite being confident about automation, more than six-in-ten (61 percent) spend an excess of 30 percent of their time on repetitive and routine tasks that are set to be automated.

The research found that 37 percent of respondents will devote more time to new strategic projects once they are freed from repetitive work by RPA, while 36 percent will seek to develop new skills.

Less than a quarter of UK employees (24 percent) believe automation will have a bad effect on the UK economy.