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Pagero and Virtualstock partner to support a digitally connected NHS

Tuesday 12th February, 2019

Pagero has sign a partnership with Virtualstock enabling NHS trusts and suppliers to secure accurate information, and that electronic documents meet local compliance and regulatory requirements.

This will help improve the efficiency of orders enabling savings on both sides, and accelerate the up-take of Virtualstock’s cloud-based platform Edge4Health and Pagero PEPPOL services by suppliers across the NHS.

The partnership is also the first interoperable agreement to be achieved in the UK between an eCatalogue solution and a PEPPOL access point provider. The interoperability agreement means buyers and suppliers information can be shared between customers of Pagero and Virtualstock when they need it, in a form and to standards that meet their requirements.

“Our partnership with Pagero is part of our on-going commitment to interoperability in the NHS. While other technology providers in the health system have been reluctant to open their network to interoperability, Virtualstock and Pagero are committed to an inclusive approach, joining up their services to the wider healthcare tech community. Building partnerships with outstanding technology companies like Pagero is also a key part of our growth strategy in the health sector”, said Tim Ingham, CEO at Virtualstock Limited.

“It is incumbent on all operators who provide Scan4safety services to the NHS to drive interoperability and partnerships for the benefit of our healthcare community. I am delighted to be embarking on one of the most significant partnerships, which will drastically contribute to simplifying processes for suppliers and driving value to the NHS allowing both our organisations to work together to deliver the component parts of the Department of Health Strategy together”, said Bengt Nilsson, CEO at Pagero.