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European Commission to publish new eInvoicing code lists

Wednesday 29th May, 2019

On 15th June 2019, the European Commission will publish updated versions of the EAS and VATEX code lists in accordance with the European standard on eInvoicing.

The eInvoicing standard defines the business term The ‘VAT exemption reason code’ which allows sellers to state in a coded way the VAT exemption reason, in order to support automation of VAT processing and reporting. The VAT EXemption reason code list — VATEX contains the codes that are allowed in the EN 16931.

The European standard also defines the business term ‘Electronic Address’ to support the identification of sending and receiving parties in electronic addresses when exchanging eInvoices through transmission networks. The identifiers used in an electronic address can be from any identification scheme. The Electronic Address Scheme code list - EAS contains a list of the identification schemes that can be used in the eInvoicing standard.

The Commission supports the adoption eInvoicing respecting the European Standard with the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) eInvoicing building block. The services of this Building Block help European administrations comply with the eInvoicing Directive, and helps solution providers adapt their services accordingly.