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France considers mandatory B2B e-invoicing

Tuesday 9th July, 2019 

The French Ministry of Public Accounts and Action has launched discussions around initiatives aimed to reduce VAT fraud. These include looking at the possibility of implementing a countrywide e-invoicing mandate.

According to Pagero, "with France’s significant VAT gap and having a relatively high number of businesses already working with electronic documents means there is a high chance of the plan moving forward.

Although there are some questions around the functionality and scalability of Chorus Pro, so it is probable that the rules and infrastructure for B2B e-invoicing will be quite different compared to B2G e-invoices."

In January 2019, small businesses in France were mandated to start sending invoices electronically to the governmental infrastructure called Chorus Pro.

Pagero was selected as the single PEPPOL Access Point for the French e-invoicing platform Chorus Pro in April.

As of January 2020, micro businesses will also be required to send e-invoices to Chorus Pro.

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