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Alibaba adds sourcing channel to help cross border trade

Wednesday 21st August, 2019

China-based retail conglomerate Alibaba has added adding a new sourcing channel to help facilitate better cross-border trade, particularly for SMEs.

The ecommerce company announced it is adding a new channel for buyers seeking standardised goods rather than tailor-made products on Alibaba.com, the company's B2B site. The new avenue, in addition to a parallel channel for customised offerings, will distinguish different buyers by identifying their unique needs.

Backed by intelligent algorithms, Alibaba.com's digital trade platform allows customised displays of offerings to buyers. According to company figures, Alibaba.com serves 150 million registered users around the world, by giving suppliers the tools needed to reach a global audience, and helping buyers target products and suppliers across 200 economies in an efficient manner.

In 2018, the site announced the launch of a "one-stop" digitalisation solution for Chinese exporters, helping sellers with matchmaking, branding, payment and escrow services, logistics and the cross-border supply chain.