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Kofax enhances Intelligent Automation Platform with AI Capabilities

Thursday 14th November, 2019

Kofax has announced the latest evolution of its industry-leading Intelligent Automation platform. The platform’s patented technologies now harness enhanced AI and ML with natural language processing (NLP) for sentiment analysis and entity extraction.

Sentiment analysis allows organisations to understand the intent and emotion of information in emails, legal documents, social media posts, customer support inquiries and other unstructured content. Entity extraction allows organisations to easily locate “People, Places and Things” from unstructured content.

"With NLP and ML now native to the platform, Kofax customers are improving speed-to-value by understanding unstructured content in an automated manner and deriving value to determine next best actions," said Chris Huff, Chief Strategy Officer at Kofax.”

Organisations face many challenges processing enormous amounts of unstructured and semi-structured information. Whether the information comes from a document, an email, a chatbot, or a social media post, they’re forced to rely on manual efforts to read and interpret these text-based communications.

With Kofax’s AI-powered Intelligent Automation, organisations can overcome these challenges and extract valuable information from any natural language text-based asset in real-time. This drives greater competitive edge by drastically improving productivity and efficiency across the workforce and delivering valuable insights for enhancing customer experience – all without the need for human intervention.