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Coca-Cola employee faces charges for modifying invoices to defraud company

Friday 15th November, 2019

A former Coca-Cola employee is facing charges after authorities said she embezzled more than $450,000 from the company and used the money to pay for trips, jewelry and handbags.

Gronek-Gibbs was a sales director with the Atlanta-based soft drink company, While employed, she allegedly used her position to obtain personal goods and services from Coca-Cola suppliers.

“Gronek-Gibbs modified electronic versions of quotes, purchase orders and invoices from vendors which she then submitted to Coca-Cola for payment,” District Attorney Pak, said.

Pak said Gronek-Gibbs ordered luxury goods, tickets and gift cards on the company’s dime. She also made first-class travel arrangements and booked luxury hotels for personal trips with money she had stolen from Coca-Cola.

“Employees who are trusted with access to corporate funds are not entitled to use them to enrich themselves,” Pak said. “This case is a reminder that all entities should have strong internal controls and a robust compliance program to prevent this type of fraud.”