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Analyst accused of stealing £600,000 from Heinz

Friday 22nd November, 2019

A graduate is being sued by Heinz for damages after he was accused of syphoning off £648,000 into phoney customer accounts.

Karan Chopra graduated from the University of Hull and worked for the UK arm of parent company Kraft Heinz as a commercial analyst for four years.

Mr Chopra and Rohit Jain, who worked for the Indian-based information technology company, Genpact, are accused of devising a system to pay themselves cash which should have been paid to Heinz, by exploiting their knowledge of its processing and payments system.

The two friends are alleged to have set up a total of four fictitious companies to claim rebates they were not entitled to.

The court will hear that he fabricated an email trail and as a result of his deception he was paid an initial £6,800, followed by a duplicate payment of £6,800. This was followed by separate payments of £16,100 and £16,100.

He subsequently received £59,400 and £66,900, allegedly followed by two more payments, this time for £69,060, and £34,649.76.

He held a number of jobs as a finance and accounts assistant before joining Kraft Heinz in April 2016. After leaving Heinz he worked for Nestle as a commercial finance analyst.