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Dominic Cummings to Overhaul MoD Procurement

Monday 16th December, 2019

Boris Johnson's aide, Dominic Cummings is targeting a major overhaul of military spending.

The Ministry of Defence's procurement is expected to be a priority for next year after Mr Cummings previously described the systems as 'a farce'.

Prior to working for the PM, Mr Cummings criticised what he calls 'mediocre' officials at the department, referring to the £6.2billion cost of two aircraft carriers.

He branded the project a 'farce' saying that it had squandered billions of pounds.

He complained that the carriers still 'cannot be sent to a serious war against a serious enemy'.

Instead, Mr Cummings praised drone technology and suggested futuristic AI-driven weapons such as 'swarms' of tiny explosive robots.

According to The Times, he is expected to audit recent purchases and review the development of costly military equipment, having previously described MoD procurement as “disastrous”.