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Post Office faces trial over controversial accounting system

Thursday 19 December, 2019

Hundreds of post office workers have won a key victory against the Post Office and the controversial accounting software it deployed.

This takes it a step nearer to overturning the convictions of postmasters accused of fraud or theft after using the Horizon IT system.

After the Post Office had acknowledged problems with the IT system last week, it has agreed to pay £58m to settle these claims.

The Post Office workers blame the system for creating big shortfalls in their accounts, discrepancies which led to some being made bankrupt and others prosecuted and sent to prison.

James Hartley, partner at Freeths law firm which represented the claimants, said: "This judgment is vindication for the claimant group of postmasters - they have finally been proved to have been right all along when they have said that the Horizon system was a possible cause of shortfalls in their branch accounts. Reported in the BBC.

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